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Hovawart Hovarian Gaudi
Hovawart Hovarian Gaudi V-litter puppies

The name, von Gaudihof, is in honor of the mother of the first litter (1997) of the von Gaudihof Kennel, Hovarian Gaudi. Gaudihof stands for “yard of joy”: Gaudi - Bavarian word for fun and joy; Hof - yard, farm – in the hope that puppies from the yard of joy should not have it too bad in life!

The mother, Hovarian Gaudi, was a Finnish Hovawart from the 7th Hovawart litter of the Kennel Hovarian by Kaija and Tapio Eerola. She was both Dutch and Luxembourg Champion as well as European Junior Winner in 1995 and European Winner in 1998. Her grandfather was one of the most successful early Finnish Hovawarts, Hovarian Armin. Her uncle, Ch. Hovarian Darro, lived with us for 14 beautiful years and who introduced me to the search and rescue, being the first ever certified search&rescue Hovawart by the French Ministry of Interior. Gaudi had two litters.

Our current, fifth Hovawart, is a beautiful and lively black and tan female, Belgian and Dutch Champion, Hovarian Violetta. In her pedigree, we can find back our foundation female Gaudi and her daughter, B'Elodea von Gaudihof, who found her home in Finland where she had two litters.   


We hope to continue our line now with Violetta.

Kennel von Gaudihof is registered with KMSH/SRSH and FCI, Fédération Cynologie Internationale.


Our dogs, our family 

Hovawart, in addition to being a versatile dog for work and hobbies, is also a true family dog, loyal and always ready for good family time.


In 2022, it is 30 years since we got our first Hovawart, Darro. During these last decades, our Hovawarts have seen our three children get born, go through their toddler phases into "terror" kids age, followed by turbulent adolescence and now growing into becoming young adults.


Having dogs at home has meant that no matter how tough life sometimes got, there was always someone who listened to the worries and kept company. They have also taught our children respect for nature with all of its creatures and to our environment - and ensured a healthy dose of playtime outdoors.

All our puppies start their journeys in the middle of the living room sharing everyday life and noises with us. Our dogs have always been family members, and the activities of the family take this into account. The dogs accompany us for holidays. Should it not be possible, we ensure that a friend stays at home keeping dogs' routines going while we are away. 

Finally, it is not the time apart but the time we spend together that counts. It is important that the whole family supports the activities that we know our four-legged friends love the most - be it indoors or outdoors - whether it rains or shines.

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